If you’ve spent any time in the cannabis world, you’re probably familiar with the strain Sour Diesel, a true cannabis legend since its introduction roughly 30 years ago. And while Cherry Diesel shares some basic attributes with other Diesel strains, it’s unique on its own. 

Below, we answer common questions and more, including:

  • Is Cherry Diesel indica or sativa?
  • What are some Cherry Diesel strain effects?
  • Cherry Diesel’s cannabinoids and terpenes

If you’re looking for an energizing and flavorful strain to kick stress to the curb and boost mood, this is one you’ll want to know better.

What Is Cherry Diesel?

Cherry Diesel is a vibrant and uplifting strain. It’s as beloved for putting a smile on one’s face as it is for clearing away the cobwebs of stress. First bred by California-based MTG Seeds, Cherry Diesel is a worthy inheritor of the storied line of Diesel weed strains.

As with all cannabis strains, Cherry Diesel derives many of its attributes from its parent strains: Turbo Diesel—an energizing, giggle-making hybrid—and Cherry OG, a potent variety known for delivering full-body euphoria and thrilling cerebral stimulation. But like all offspring, it also brings something new to the equation. 

Is Cherry Diesel Indica or Sativa?

The terms indica and sativa are no longer as botanically accurate as they once were, but they’re still useful shorthand when describing a given strain’s effects. Indicas are generally associated with a relaxing “body buzz” that can melt away stress, aches, and pains, while sativas are usually described as cerebrally stimulating, even imparting a burst of creative energy and uplift. 

Today, many (if not most) strains are blends or hybrids of the two styles, and Cherry Diesel is no exception. You’ll experience a nice body high, but most of the juice here is in the mental realm, where you’ll likely experience an uplifting spark and the energy to tackle creative challenges with a new level of determination.

What Are Cherry Diesel’s Effects?

Since Cherry Diesel—like most varieties in the Diesel strain family—is so energizing, it’s especially popular for daytime use. That buzzy uplift is also what makes it so effective at chasing away stress and uplifting mood. As several studies suggest, cannabis strains such as Cherry Diesel may be helpful in soothing many of the symptoms associated with anxiety and depression

Many folks feel Cherry Diesel helps them to feel more social and outgoing, but dosage is important since consuming too much THC can have opposite effects, inducing anxiety or paranoia. As with all cannabis, low doses often offer greater benefits—so start low and go slow! 

Cannabinoids and Terpenes

As with every strain, the greatest single indicator of Cherry Diesel’s effects is its cannabinoid profile. THC is the primary cannabinoid and the one most associated with the cannabis plant’s effects—including its euphoric “high.” While precise THC contents vary from harvest to harvest, Cherry Diesel delivers a healthy 23% on average.

Terpenes are aromatic “essential oils” that play a major role in determining the scents of specific cannabis strains. The primary terpene found in Cherry Diesel is caryophyllene, a spicy and pepper-scented terpene linked to powerful analgesic and anxiety-relieving effects. Because it binds to the cannabinoid receptors found throughout our bodies more readily than many other terpenes, caryophyllene is often found in many topicals and balms.

What does Cherry Diesel Look and Smell Like?

This strain is bright green, covered in orange pistils, and sticky, cannabinoid-rich trichomes. Cherry Diesel makes quite a visual impression, but that’s nothing compared with its scent and flavor: A big hit of ripe cherry crossed with the unmistakable aroma of Diesel fuel. The distinctive fruit and funk this strain offers make it quite something to sniff and smoke.

Growing Cherry Diesel: Tips and Tricks

According to veteran growers, Cherry Diesel produces dense, sticky, and aromatic flowers within 8 – 9 weeks under warm, humid conditions. Unlike some Diesel weed strains, it’s considered resilient and relatively easy to grow.

Thriving best in temperatures between 70 and 85°F (21 – 29°C) and a humidity range of 40 – 60%, Cherry Diesel is equally happy when grown using hydroponic or soil-based setups. In either case, be sure to provide enough space for the plant to have growing room, and ensure the roots are free from excessive water accumulation so they don’t rot.

Get Cherry Diesel at D.C.’s Favorite Dispensary

Most fans of Cherry Diesel agree that it tends to be more stimulating than soothing. As a result, many turn to it for daytime use, when that euphoric spark can help people tackle tedious projects or face creative challenges with a little more vigor. 

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