What’s in a name? Given that peyote is a cactus associated with long-lasting, psychedelic trips, you’d be right to expect the Peyote weed strain to deliver an intense, euphoric high. Better known as Peyote Cookies, it’s a hybrid that imparts deep, full-body relaxation and relief from discomfort and stress.

Below, learn everything everything there is to know about the Peyote Cookies strain, including:

  • Is Peyote Cookies indica or sativa-leaning? 
  • What are some benefits and effects of Peyote Cookies?
  • What are Peyote Cookies’ cannabinoids and terpenes?

We’ll also answer grow questions for budding homegrowers and curious cultivators. 

What Is the Peyote Cookies Strain?

Peyote Cookies is derived from two noteworthy parents: Peyote Purple and Cookies Kush. From the same line as cannabis legend Bubba Kush, Peyote Purple is known for its beautiful colors and coffee-vanilla flavors, along with its heady, deeply calming high. Cookies Kush—winner of High Times‘ 2014 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup in the “Best Coffeeshop Strain” category—is just as noteworthy, with a memorably sweet flavor and deeply relaxing head and body effects. 

Heavy, long-lasting, and decidedly euphoric, it’s no wonder that Peyote Cookies has won such a devoted legion of fans. “Tingly” and “relaxed” are two words many use to describe this cultivar, a near-perfect nighttime treat for those who want to leave stress, discomfort, and other symptoms at the door.

Is Peyote Cookies an Indica or Sativa?

The terms indica and sativa have become inaccurate on a technical level since most strains on the market are hybrids. But they’re still a useful shorthand way to describe the effects that different strains of cannabis can have on us. 

Indicas—such as the classic “Kush” family of strains—are generally associated with a “body high” that’s great for melting away stress, muscle aches, and physical pain. Sativas, like the legendary Jack Herer strain, are known for imparting a burst of creative energy and uplift. 

While the Peyote Cookies strain is technically a hybrid, meaning it combines attributes of the two styles, it tends towards the indica side, so you can expect a big blast of euphoria and delightful, full-body relaxation.

Peyote Cookies Benefits 

In terms of potential therapeutic benefits, Peyote Cookies and its powerful euphoria are a go-to for those seeking to tame pain and discomfort. As a growing number of studies suggest, cannabis can help manage physical discomfort and offer an alternative to many prescription pain medications. 

The Peyote Cookies strain is also often mentioned as a potential response to sleep trouble. If you go this route, remember that less is often more, with many people reporting greater benefits from smaller dosages.

What Does Peyote Cookies Look and Smell Like?

Given the psychedelic reference in the Peyote Cookies strain’s name, it’s no surprise that appearance-wise, it more than lives up to the hint. Depending on the growing conditions and post-harvest cure, Peyote Cookies is one wild-looking strain with colors ranging from vibrant mint green to purple and even red. 

Flavorwise, the strain delivers another surprise. The tropical aromas of ripe guava and earthy coffee mix with a lush hint of vanilla, adding up to one very delicious smoke. 

Cannabinoids and Terpenes

As with all strains, Peyote Cookies’ attributes are thanks to the strain’s terpenes, the fragrant “essential oils” that play a crucial role in determining the aromatic and flavor profiles of given cannabis strains. The primary terpene in Peyote Cookies is pinene, a resinous and earthy terpene linked to some very intriguing anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and neuroprotective effects

In terms of THC content—the primary cannabinoid and the one most associated with the cannabis plant’s euphoric “high”—the Peyote Cookies strain is approachable, with levels varying from roughly 17% to a high of 23%, depending on the harvest. 

Growing the Peyote Cookies Strain: Tips and Tricks

According to those who’ve tried it, Peyote Cookies is easy and fun to grow. Known for producing squat, indica-like bushes, it is highly resistant to mold and does equally well indoors and out. As a special bonus, you’ll receive a virtual light show of vibrant reds and purples as the flowers mature. 

Flowering occurs in 55 – 60 days, and Peyote Cookies produces a large yield of highly aromatic, vanilla, and coffee-scented flower. If you’re growing outdoors, plan to harvest around the end of September or early October, depending on local conditions. 

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Heavy, euphoric, and beautiful to behold, the Peyote Cookies strain is a favorite for sinking into deep relaxation, taming discomfort and other symptoms, and delivering a long-lasting euphoric high. While it’s technically a hybrid strain, you’ll experience more body-centered indica-style effects. As a result, you’ll probably want to save it for a laid-back evening.

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