In case you missed it, Saturday, July 1 of 2023 was a big day for our neighbors in Maryland: The start of adult-use sales in The Free State. The result of a 2022 ballot initiative, the new law gave state regulators legal grounds to begin recreational sales as an adjunct to the state’s existing medical cannabis program which began operating a decade before.

Here at Takoma Wellness, we’re thrilled to welcome Maryland recreational marijuana customers to our family-run dispensary. As such, we’d like share some details of the new Maryland law, as well as highlighting some important differences between Maryland and District regulations (including some very special cannabis products you just can’t find in Maryland).

Adult-Use and Medical Marijuana Laws in Maryland 

The new Maryland recreational marijuana law is an important acknowledgement: That cannabis offers a safe, sustainable, and all-natural medicine and way to unwind or enjoy time with family and friends. And for Maryland residents as well as tourists to the region, it’s a reminder that the state’s cannabis industry—which could reach $1.7 billion by 2024—is an important driver of the local economy.

Who Can Buy Weed in Maryland?

Let’s dive into some specifics around the new Maryland recreational marijuana regulations. Who’s eligible to buy recreational cannabis in Maryland? All adults 21 and over are now legally permitted to purchase marijuana from licensed dispensaries. To make such a purchase, they’ll need to provide a valid government-issued picture ID, such as a driver’s license or a passport.

Is Maryland’s Medical Marijuana Program Affected?

What about the existing medical program in Maryland? Patients may continue to obtain cannabis from licensed dispensaries, and individuals 18 years or older may continue to register for the program. In addition, the new laws establish patient-only operating hours or dedicated service lines, product availability, and other accommodations to support registered patients in accessing the medicines they need.

Where Can You Consume Weed in Maryland?

Under Maryland law, it’s illegal to use cannabis while driving, either by a driver or a passenger. It is also illegal to smoke cannabis or hemp in public spaces such as parks, sidewalks, streets, bars, restaurants or in public transportation. Adults 21+ can consume cannabis in private homes and on private property. If you rent an apartment or are staying in a hotel or rental vacation home, be sure to know their policies before consuming cannabis there.

How Much Weed Can You Buy?

Individuals will only be able to purchase up to the personal use amount authorized under law. This amount is up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis flower (including joints and pre-rolls), 12 grams of concentrated cannabis (vape products), or a total amount of edible cannabis products that does not exceed 750 mg of THC.

As we often remind those new to cannabis: “Start low, go slow!” Remember, you can always have more cannabis, but you can’t have less. Let’s all remember to play it cool and keep our roads as safe as possible.

Buying Weed in Maryland vs DC: The Takoma Wellness Difference

With the recent change in Maryland recreational marijuana laws, we’re excited to offer both our deep experience serving the region as well as a truly unique lineup of products. 

From slow-cured, small-batch, hand-trimmed craft cannabis to the potent and flavorful concentrates that aren’t available in Maryland, it’s an exciting time for the local cultivators, processors, and manufacturers we partner with. Here are the major differences between what you’ll find in DC versus Maryland:

  • You Can Buy More: You can purchase up to 8 ounces of cannabis flower in DC, versus 1.5 ounces in Maryland
  • You Pay Less Tax: DC cannabis tax rates are 6% versus 9% in Maryland
  • Better Product Selection: Concentrates such as hash, RSO, rosin and shatter, along with specialty products such as infused pre-rolls aren’t available in Maryland, but are abundant in DC 
  • Higher Quality Cannabis: DC’s cultivators focus on craft cannabis: slow cures, small batches and hand-trimmed flower
  • Consistency and Convenience: Takoma Wellness is staffed to ensure you won’t face long lines. Despite being the most popular dispensary in the DMV, wait times are non-existent, nor are product shortages in DC’s more mature and established market

On a related note, it’s worth pointing out that Maryland dispensaries deal primarily in cash.  Here at Takoma Wellness we accept cash—there’s an on-site ATM—but we can also offer the convenience of credit cards (American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa), Dutchie Pay, Aeropay, and Hypur.

If you’re interested in exploring how DC does cannabis differently, we’d love to help. We’re conveniently located at 6925 Blair Rd. NW, just a block from the Red Line Takoma Metro Station and near many bus lines. As Washington’s #1 family-run medical marijuana dispensary, we draw upon a decade of experience helping our customers get the very most from cannabis. Come by our dispensary, or drop us a line.

We look forward to seeing you!

Maryland Marijuana Laws: FAQs

Q: Can you buy from a dispensary without a medical card in Maryland? DC? 

A: Yes to both. In Maryland and DC, adults aged 21 and older may purchase cannabis products from licensed dispensaries without a medical card. The only difference is that in DC, those without a medical card must self-certify medical use by filling out a simple form online

Q: Is recreational marijuana legal to buy in Maryland?

A: Yes. Recreational users who are adults 21 and older may possess up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis flower (including joints and pre-rolls), up to 12 grams of select concentrated cannabis products (such as vape products), two cannabis plants, or any cannabis product containing up to 750 milligrams of THC (such as edible products) at any given time.

Q: What are the rules for recreational marijuana in Maryland?

A: Recreational cannabis customers can purchase from licensed dispensaries in Maryland and must show a government-issued ID to prove they’re 21 or older.

Q: Do you need a prescription to buy marijuana in Maryland?

A: No. With the new Maryland marijuanas law, adults 21 and over can purchase cannabis products without a recommendation from a doctor.