These Are the Most Influential People in the DC-Area Weed Business

A rabbi. A reality-TV star. An Olympic athlete. Pot is a booming Washington industry, helmed by a diverse roster of professionals employed in the business of growing, selling, marketing, and managing the newly (semi-) legal product. Illustrations by Jenny Rosenberg.


Green Marijuana Leaf on top of a black and white image of muffins

D.C. Dispensaries Welcome Looser Restrictions On Cannabis Classes

D.C. cannabis card holders looking to master the art of baking the perfect pot brownie or using a high-tech vaporizer could soon get to learn from licensed professionals at their local dispensary.

Last week, D.C.’s Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) proposed new rules that would allow medical cannabis dispensaries to host educational events and demonstrations. That includes classes on how to “utilize marijuana paraphernalia” and “cook foods with medical marijuana,” according to the proposal.


Stephanie & Rabbi Jeffery Kahn next to cannabis display inside Takoma Wellness center

The Kahn family’s long, strange trip to the D.C. pot business

The ‘Pot Rabbi’ views medical marijuana through a very Jewish lens


Paula Querido Kahn is Elevating Patient Care

I was born in Miami, Florida, in the summer of 1979. At the time, there was a gas shortage and my dad had to make sure the OBGYN had enough fuel to drive to the hospital. When I was two months old, my family and I moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado and then back to Miami for first thru twelfth grades. During my eighth grade year, my mom and step-dad bought a house in the mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona. What does this have to do with cannabis, you may be asking?


New Cannabis Ventures

Mission-Driven Takoma Wellness Grows as the Washington, D.C. Cannabis Market Evolves