Cannabis Edibles: Delicious, Convenient and Long-Lasting

Fun, unique—and above all delicious—cannabis edibles are among the most popular items at our Takoma Park dispensary. It’s no great mystery why: The locally made marijuana edibles (aka cannabis edibles) we stock offer a nearly unlimited range of flavors and textures. Between decadent chocolates, tangy fruit chews, even high-tech formats such as tablets and capsules, the only challenge is picking which ones to try first!

If you’ve been wanting to learn more about marijuana edibles (but haven’t known where to begin), you’ve come to the right place. We’ll share must-know information about these fun and potent products, including the different ratios of THC and CBD edibles, the effects of edibles, along with where you can buy both THC and CBD edibles and other cannabis-infused products.

The World of Cannabis Edibles: How They Work

If you’re familiar with smoked or vaped cannabis, you have a good idea about the subjective effects of edibles: That unmistakable euphoric psychoactivity, plus the subtler effects of cannabinoids such as CBD that impart a surprising range of therapeutic effects.

When we smoke or vape cannabis, cannabinoids pass through our lungs and take effect within a few minutes at most. But when we consume cannabis edibles, the cannabinoids are processed instead through the stomach and the liver. As a result, edibles take much longer to take effect, but those effects also last longer than with inhaled cannabis.

How long? While the onset time (or time to take effect) for edibles varies with age, cannabis experience, and diet, a rough average is anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes. In terms of how long those effects last, they can range from 4 to 12 hours.

Again, while these times are influenced by a number of factors, it’s important to note that no matter what, the effects of taking a cannabis edible are going to last far longer than they do with smoked or vaped cannabis.


Why Choose Edibles?

Whether you’re looking for an all-natural way to kick back and relax with friends or seeking specific medical benefits, working with cannabis edibles presents several advantages. Because their effects are so long-lasting, a single serving is more than enough to keep you feeling relaxed and in the flow all night long.

Conversely, many medical cannabis patients find that cannabis edibles are a great way to keep ahead of stubborn symptoms and conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Different Types of Edibles

There are so many different edibles available to choose from! While THC-based edibles are what most think of when they want cannabis edibles, you’ll find plenty of CBD edibles alongside those that offer a balanced ratio of CBD and THC on our dispensary shelves. Here are a few of the most popular formats we carry:

  • Chocolates: Rich, luscious, and supremely decadent, cannabis-infused chocolates are among the most popular products at our Takoma Park dispensary.
  • Baked Goods: From toasty oat bars to cookies to gooey marshmallow crisps, we’ve got a wide selection of treats to tempt you with.
  • Capsules and Tablets: Portable, shelf-stable, and discreet, these easy-to-use and intuitive cannabis products make consistent dosing a snap.
  • Chews: Available in a range of tempting fruit flavors, these fun and tangy products are great for enjoying cannabis on the go.
  • Lozenges: Similar to cough drops, this format is a familiar and soothing way to access all the benefits of cannabis.

How To Use Cannabis Edibles: Tips and Dosages

As we mentioned a moment ago, the effects of marijuana edibles aren’t much different from inhaled cannabis, but with a few crucial differences. Because it takes so much longer for them to take effect—and because those effects last for so long—it’s important to plan accordingly.

Every package of cannabis-infused edibles we sell is labeled with the precise dosage of THC in each individual unit, denoted in milligrams (mg). While everyone’s a bit different, a dose of 5 mg THC and above is generally considered intoxicating. Some of us may feel strong effects at dosages below this. That’s why it’s important that you take only a single serving of cannabis edibles at a time and then wait at least two hours to assess its effects before taking more.

In addition, when processed by your liver, THC is converted into a metabolite called 11-hydroxy-THC, which can feel more potent than inhaled THC for some people. This, combined with the slower onset time of edibles, is why we recommend you start with a low dose (as low as 2.5mg for those with little to no experience) and give your body plenty of time to digest before assessing the effects and taking more.

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