Flower: Cannabis In Its Simplest Form

Whether its high-tech vaporizers, potent concentrates, or tempting edibles, there’s seemingly no limit to the  ways we can access the benefits of cannabis. But for many of us, the “original style” will always be the best one: Good old cannabis flower.

Cannabis or marijuana flower—also called “bud”—is the simplest form of usable cannabis: The flowers of the plant, harvested at peak ripeness, and then cured to preserve the greatest concentration of active cannabinoids and terpenes.

Whether you’re new to cannabis or an old pro, there’s a lot to know about this primal form of marijuana. Flower comes in a dizzying range of styles and effects, and there are many ways to take advantage of its euphoric and medically active effects.

With that in mind, we’d like to invite you on a “guided tour” of cannabis flower, including benefits and effects and useful tips on usage, dosage, and storage. Let’s begin.

What Is Cannabis Flower?

Although they don’t look like the flowers we see at the florist’s, marijuana or THC flowers are just that: The flower of the female cannabis plant. But we don’t smoke cannabis flower directly off the plant. Instead, it’s carefully dried (or “cured”) after harvest to ensure it’s at maximum freshness and ready to smoke.

Why is freshness so important? Cannabis—whether it’s in flower or some other form—contains cannabinoids and terpenes. Because they impart the plant’s psychoactive and medical effects, these volatile natural compounds can be thought of as the “active ingredients” in marijuana. Seeing how the vast majority of these compounds are found in flower, the humble bud truly is a natural “medicine factory.”


THC Flower: The Concept of Cultivars

If you’ve visited our dispensary, you’ve seen the many containers filled with different types of marijuana flower. Often referred to as “strains,” the more proper name for these varieties of cannabis is “cultivar.” That’s because each one is genetically distinct from each other, and bred—or “cultivated”—for specific flavors, aromas, and medical and subjective effects.

The topic of cultivars is a deep and fascinating one. If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to visit our D.C. dispensary and ask one of our friendly budtenders.

THC Flower

Marijuana Flower: Dosage, Effects, and Safety

If you’ve tried cannabis in the past, you’re familiar with the euphoric psychoactivity associated with THC, the primary cannabinoid found in the marijuana plant. But…how much should you have? While that’s a personal question, we’d love to help you choose wisely. While having too much THC is rarely dangerous, it can be unpleasant. That’s one reason we always counsel our customers to “start low and go slow.”

Because it’s a natural product, the potency of cannabis flower varies from cultivar to cultivar and even from plant to plant. To get an idea as to how potent cannabis flower is, look for the THC percentage listed on its product packaging.

The potency of flower has increased over time, and today, the most potent cannabis strains test at 30% THC (or higher) by dry weight. These are considered high-THC strains, which may be overly potent if you are new to cannabis or if you enjoy lower doses of THC. We stock a wide selection of low-THC flower options to choose from, many of which are rich in non-intoxicating cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG.

What is the best dose for you? Each person’s body reacts differently to THC, and there are no “standard doses” for cannabinoids such as THC. That said, especially when you’re new to cannabis flower start with small amounts of THC and gradually increase from there. You can always have more cannabis, but you can’t have less!

Buying and Storing Cannabis: Top Tips

In some ways, fresh marijuana flower is like any other agricultural product: It should smell vibrant and fresh and display a healthy green to faded olive color. Here are some tips to keep your cannabis flower as healthy and happy as possible:

  • Keep it cool: While all our cannabis is carefully tested and screened, flower can be all too hospitable an environment for spores. These bad actors usually thrive between 77° and 86° Fahrenheit, so we always recommend you store your cannabis in a cool place.
  • Staying hydrated: Marijuana flower likes a little moisture, but not too much. You can keep it fresh and healthy with a terracotta humidifying stone, which keeps your stash at just the right amount of hydration.
  • Embrace the darkness: Excessive heat and light can dry out the terpene-rich oils found in top-quality marijuana flower. For best results, store your stash in a lightproof container, or lacking that a jar placed inside a drawer.

Why Choosing Small-Batch Cannabis Flower Matters

At Takoma Wellness, we know that growing exceptional cannabis flower takes skill, patience, and dedication. That’s one reason we work with local and small-scale cultivators who keep the focus on raising the very best plants for the very best results. Whether you’re looking to relax the natural way or address specific symptoms and conditions, you’ll taste (and feel) the difference.

As Washington’s #1 family-run dispensary, we’re dedicated to helping you get the very most from your marijuana experience. Interested in knowing more about cannabis flower? Just ask! We’re always here to help. Or, check out the wide selection of Washington’s very best cannabis flower we have in stock right now.