With so many questions about cannabis—Where is it legal? Can I take it across district or state lines?—it’s no wonder so many of us are confused about CBD, one of the plant’s major compounds (and one with a great many purported medicinal effects). If you’re left wondering, “Are CBD products legal in Washington, D.C.?” today’s post is for you. We’ll explain exactly what CBD is, where it’s legal, and where to buy it in the District of Columbia.

best cbd productsWhat is CBD? Tips From a Washington, DC Dispensary

Let’s begin with the basics. The cannabis plant contains hundreds of natural compounds and continued research on the plants is unlocking the science behind the plant’s benefits. Among the most studied compounds in cannabis are cannabinoids, which can be described as the plant’s major “active ingredients.”

Cannabinoids include THC—the compound most directly responsible for cannabis’ distinctive “high”—and CBD. Both of them deliver a wide range of useful medical effects. For instance, THC has been shown to reduce several types of pain. CBD, in addition to helping treat certain seizures, has shown promise in reducing anxiety and stress. Unlike THC, CBD’s psychoactive effects are very minimal. At most, some people experience a gentle cerebral “buzz.”

Due to its lack of intoxicating effects, CBD is legal for sale in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. However, many states require that CBD products contain only a trace amount of THC. In this case, CBD is typically derived not from the cannabis plant, but from its cousin, wild hemp.

Because CBD’s psychoactivity is so mild, high-CBD cannabis products are a great choice to use with microdosing, a topic we’ve covered in the past. Some researchers have begun to demonstrate that CBD works particularly well in concert with THC, a phenomenon often called the entourage effect. If you’re looking to add CBD’s medicinal effects to those of THC, we’d love to recommend a few products from our shelves.

CBD OilThe Best CBD Products From a Washington, DC Dispensary

Liberty CBD Oil
A proudly D.C.-based enterprise, Liberty produces a CBD oil designed to address such symptoms as anxiety, monthly cramps, inflammation and pain, and certain types of seizures. It’s a staff favorite for its purity and consistent, precise formulation.

Infused Honey, District Cannabis
Another hometown favorite, this all-natural sweetener delivers an equal balance of THC and CBD. It has quickly developed a following for its ability to turn down chronic pain, anxiety and depression, and a variety of other symptoms and conditions. As with all cannabis edibles, it’s important to keep this out of childrens’ reach.

Citrus Tango, District Growers
Another product offering a balance of CBD and THC, this sweet and fruity strain delivers a gentle elevation without the paranoia and racing thoughts that can sometimes accompany high-THC products. Instead, you’ll enjoy a moderate uplift tempered by CBD’s soothing, anxiety-quelling effects.

Best CBD Products: In Conclusion

As the District’s first and longest-running medical cannabis dispensary, we’re grateful that so many Washingtonians turn to Takoma Wellness Center. You can shop for our products by visiting the dispensary or via our online menu. If you have any further questions about CBD products, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always here to help!