The Pre-Roll: Consistent, Convenient Cannabis

Have you been searching for a simple way to enjoy cannabis without the fuss of carrying a pipe or the struggle of rolling a perfect joint? If so, the pre-roll may be your new best friend. Convenient, consistent, and packed with potent cannabis, a pre-roll blunt or joint is the best way we know how to enjoy cannabis on the go.

What is a pre-roll? At its simplest, it’s a ready-made joint, expertly rolled and ready to light. If you’re seeking something a bit more exotic, an infused pre-roll adds the potency and flavor of cannabis concentrates added to the mix. Here’s everything you need to know about this convenient way to access the many benefits of cannabis.

What Is a Pre-Roll? An Introduction

If you’ve spent any time browsing our dispensary shelves, you know that there’s plenty of ways to enjoy cannabis, whether through concentrates, edibles, vapes, and other formats. But for many people, “cannabis” means fresh flower. And, if like most people, you struggle to roll the perfect joint, there’s no easier way to enjoy it than with a handcrafted pre-roll joint or blunt.

A pre-roll is just what it sounds like: A joint that’s been hand-rolled in advance by an expert. The pre-roll delivers the “active ingredients” in cannabis—cannabinoids such as THC and CBD along with flavorful compounds such as terpenes and flavonoids—in a fast-acting inhaled format. And while an entire pre-roll (usually between 1-1.5 grams of cannabis flower) is typically too much for a single person, they’re the perfect way to share cannabis with friends. You might also come across smaller personal sized pre-rolls in 0.5 gram quantities that are often referred to as mini pre-rolls or “dogwalkers” after the brand that popularized them.

Then there’s the pre-roll blunt. The blunt is a variation of a joint in which a cigar wrapper is used in place of rolling paper. Here’s something to keep in mind: While most of the tobacco in a blunt has been removed, the wrapper is still made of dried tobacco leaves. So if you’re trying to avoid tobacco, a simple pre-roll is your better choice.

What about the infused pre-roll? This novel format adds a small amount of cannabis concentrate to the mix. The result? A big jump in potency and flavor. As a result, we recommend newer users approach the infused pre-roll with caution.


What Are The Benefits of Pre-Rolls?

Pre-rolls have become very popular in recent years, and if we were to wager a guess as to why it would have to be: convenience! Whether you enjoy the craft of joint-rolling or you’re two left thumbs when it comes to rolling your own joints, pre-rolls offer the ultimate convenience—just pick one up and you’re ready to go!

Buying a pre-roll in packs or as singles saves you time, not to mention precious cannabis. And because pre-rolls are available in such a wide selection of strains and styles, purchasing them allows you to sample a wide variety before committing to a larger quantity of flower.

Cannabis Pre-Roll

How to Use Pre-Rolls

Using a pre-roll couldn’t be simpler. Here’s a quick start guide:

  • Some pre-rolls are cone-shaped. If yours is, begin by lighting the tip of the wide end while gently inhaling on the narrow end. Otherwise, simply choose an end to light. Pre-rolled tip: Many pre-rolls have a “crutch,” or a tiny tube of cardboard inserted on the unlit end for easier drawing. If your pre-roll features a crutch, be sure to light the opposite end!
  • Once your pre-roll is lit, be sure the flame doesn’t run down one side of the paper, wasting precious smoke. If this happens, simply run a moistened fingertip along the paper to stop the flame from spreading.
  • When you’ve had enough, extinguish the pre-roll by carefully pinching off the lit end or gently stubbing it out. If you saved the original packaging, you’ll have an easy place to store it until next time.

How Long Do Pre-Rolls Last?

Like all cannabis products, the THC in a pre-roll will become less potent over time. (THC, of course, is the cannabinoid most associated with the cannabis plant’s psychoactive “high.”) That’s why we recommend you use a pre-roll within 6 – 12 months of purchasing it.

Pre-Rolls: Cannabis and Convenience All Rolled Up

We hope this introduction to the world of cannabis pre-rolls was informative. As Washington’s #1 family-run medical marijuana dispensary, we’re dedicated to helping you get the very most from your cannabis experience. Interested in learning more about pre-rolls or cannabis in general ? Just ask! We’re always here to help.

Next time you visit our dispensary, be sure to ask about the selection of pre-rolls we have in stock, featuring DC’s very best cannabis and available as singles or in packs. Or, start browsing pre-rolls on our live menu right now to get started. We look forward to serving you!