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+ How do I obtain a DC medical cannabis card?

We welcome all patients with a medical cannabis card from any US state with a
medical marijuana program. Please bring your certification/card along with a valid,
government-issued photo ID.

If you are visiting TWC for the first time, please make sure to have your state ID AND
state medical marijuana card/certification with you. If you have had a state certification,
please have this printed out as we cannot accept it on your phone.

Step One: Do You Live In D.C

In order to get your medical marijuana card, you’ll need to prove that you have current residency in the District. 

Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration(ABRA) will now accept an unexpired REAL ID Driver’s license as proof of DC residency.  If you do not have one, they will accept two of the following:
  • Driver’s license (if it has your current address) District I.D.
  • Current, unexpired Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Voters Registration
  • Utility Bill (not phone) within the last 60 Days
  • Current Paystub that shows Address, DC Withholding
  • A Signed Lease/Deed with your Name, DC Address, and Date

Step Two: Getting A Healthcare Provider Recommendation 

The decision to use medical marijuana is between a patient and a healthcare provider, like any other medication.

Your next step is to obtain a healthcare provider’s recommendation (any DC licensed physician, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, naturopath, or dentist can write a recommendation for medical marijuana).

Make your appointment today, so you can get the ball rolling! If your healthcare provider hasn’t issued a medical marijuana recommendation before, he/she can sign up for the program by clicking here. (If your healthcare provider will not write a recommendation, or you don’t feel comfortable asking your healthcare provider to contact Takoma Wellness Center and we will give you a list of a healthcare provider who has written recommendations in the past and are willing to see new patients). 

Step Three: Completing Your Patient Application 

The process of applying for/renewing a DC medical marijuana card has changed somewhat during these challenging times.  You must have an email address and a credit/debit card with which you can pay online.  Most people receive their card in 1-2 weeks after applying.  You will need to obtain a recommendation from a health care practitioner first and then go to 
The application must be completed all at once, so please ensure you have everything you need, which will include:
1. A picture of your head and shoulders against a white background ( only religious head-coverings are permitted by the Dept. of Health)
2. Either a REAL ID  ‭(see photo above)
3. Two documents that show your current DC address: 
  • Driver’s license (if it has your current address) or 
  • District I.D. 
  • Current, unexpired Motor vehicle registration 
  • Voter’s registration
  • Utility bill (not phone) within the last 60 days
  • Current pay-stub that shows address, DC withholdings
  • A signed lease/deed with your name and signature, your landlord’s signature, DC address, and date. 
4. Your electronic recommendation number from your healthcare practitioner
5. Upload your proofs of residency, photo ID and Medicaid or SNAP card (if applicable) onto to your computer/phone
6. Go to or Google search: DC Marijuana Applications
7. Choose  from the list of healthcare practitioners and click on the appropriate  link (Physician, Nurse Practitioner/APRN, Naturopath, Physician’s Assistant or Dentist)
8. Complete online form
    1. Enter recommendation number from a healthcare practitioner
    2. Click on the Application type (Initial or Renewal)
    3. Complete info as listed
    4. Photo- Upload your picture
    5. Photo ID – upload your driver’s license or state ID
    6. Proof of residency (all addresses must be the same)
      1. If you have a REAL ID with your current address you can upload it as a Photo ID and again for proofs 1 and 2
      2. If you do not have a REAL ID, you may use your driver’s license/state ID for both the Photo ID and one proof of residency
      3. Enter one of the items listed in 1c above as your second proof of residency.
    7. Reduced application fee (if you have Medicaid or SNAP) you may qualify for a reduced application fee ($25 instead of $100)  Click “Check here if you qualify for a reduced application fee” and upload an appropriate picture
    8. Enter your healthcare practitioner’s name
    9. Complete Signature and click that you “agree to the terms and conditions”
    10. Click Submit

9. You will receive an email from the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration(ABRA)
noting that they have received your application and are reviewing it.  You will receive a payment link within the week.

10. When you receive the payment link, use a credit or debit card to pay the fee ($100 or $25 if eligible for reduced fee)
  1.  You should receive an email in the mail within two weeks. This will serve as proof of your license. The Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration(ABRA) will send you a card once the COVID19 crisis passes.  
  2. Please contact  if you do not receive a payment link within a week of submitting your application or if you have not received your card within two weeks.

Step Four: Renewing Your Card Annually 

Each year you will need to obtain a healthcare practitioner’s recommendation and complete the online renewal described above. Currently ABRA is allowing DC patients with cards expiring after 2/28/2020 to continue to use their expired cards until 45 days after the end of the public emergency.  However, we do recommend you begin the renewal process prior to this to ensure you don’t have a wait when the emergency ends.

+ When is Takoma Wellness Center open? Do you see walk-ins? What is the process?

We are open from 11:30 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Friday and from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Patients with medical cannabis cards from Washington, DC, or any state with a functioning medical cannabis program may purchase at our dispensary.   We recommend ordering online through our Dutchie program (insert link), as we have had to minimize transaction times inside the dispensary due to COVID19 precautions.  At this time you will upload your medical cannabis card and government-issued picture ID and place your order.

Please come to the dispensary to pay for your order and pick it up.  We have curbside delivery for those who prefer.

We have a same-day delivery program for DC patients only. 

+ Are there any security precautions?
Takoma Wellness Center has engaged the services of Yellowjacket Security to provide an armed, professional guard on the premises.
Takoma Wellness Center visually records and monitors all building entrances and exits, parking areas, the rear area of the building immediately adjacent to the railroad tracks, and the inside of the facility (except for the restroom), including all limited access areas and areas where medical marijuana is stored and dispensed.
+ What if I am too frail and ill to come to Takoma Wellness to pick up my medications safely?

DC patients may appoint a registered caregiver through ABRA (this involves an application and a background check).  Registered caregivers with cards can pick up the medication for their registered patients. A DC caregiver must:

          • Be designated by a qualifying patient to serve as the person authorized, on the qualifying patient’s behalf, to possess, obtain from a dispensary, dispense, and  assist in the administration of medical marijuana;
          • Be registered with ABRA as the qualifying patient’s caregiver;
          • Not be currently serving as the caregiver for another qualifying patient;
          • Be at least 18 years of age; and
          • Have never been convicted of possession or sale of a controlled substance.
      • DC patients can have their medications delivered.
      • Registered caregivers from outside of DC may purchase on behalf of their patients. 
      • Caregivers must bring their own cards, their government-issued picture ID, and their patient’s medical cannabis card and government-issued picture ID.
+ What will happen once I’m inside Takoma Wellness Center?

Our staff will welcome you and check your medical marijuana card and government-issued identification. On your first visit, you will complete a cannabis questionnaire to help us understand your needs. Then, you will meet with one of our Patient Consultants who will help you make your selection, based on your unique needs and preferences. In the dispensary, you will have the opportunity to view the marijuana offered and learn about each strain’s particular profile and effects, both positive and negative. Feel free to check out our many books along with our extensive range of vaporizers, pipes, grinders, papers, cases and other accessories.

Purchases of medicine are limited to four (4) ounces per 30 days in any combination of strains. You are free to buy as little or as much of the four ounces as you wish.

We will be glad to offer information concerning both the medicine and our variety of accessories. Please let us know if you have a particular accessory you would like us to offer, and we will make every effort to obtain it.

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