There are history buffs in nearly every topic of interest—and one topic that’s been drawing a lot of attention recently is cannabis history. Cannabis buffs look at the study of marijuana strains and their origins in the same way other amateur historians look at airplanes or boats. If you’re one of these people, rejoice! We’re going to take a deep dive on the history of three top marijuana strains in this post.

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Let’s Study Marijuana: Top Strains at Takoma Wellness Center and Their Origins

While we were tempted to only look at old-school strains, we decided against it: That would be like only covering ancient history. We’ve put together a survey of classic and more modern genetics for this history lesson. Check out our breakdown of Blue Dream, OG Kush, and Do-Si-Do below.

Blue Dream

We’re going to kick things off with one of the biggest strains of all time: Blue Dream. This sativa-dominant strain was all the rage in the late 2000s and early 2010s. But its story starts before that.

Blue Dream traces its origins to California in 2003. It was created by crossing the legendary cannabis breeder DJ Short’s Blueberry strain with the equally renowned strain Super Silver Haze. While no one’s sure exactly who bred the first Blue Dream plant, some believe it originated in the Santa Cruz area.

Like its parent Blueberry, Blue Dream has a sweet, juicy flavor. One of the things that cannabis lovers found so attractive about Blue Dream was its euphoric and cerebral effects. That makes it a great daytime strain, in contrast to couch-locking indicas. Blue Dream often features a THC content that hovers around 20%, and it has little CBD to speak of.

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Classic OG Kush

If someone asked you to think of the biggest strains of all time, chances are OG Kush is one of the names you’d come up with. OG Kush is a hybrid that offers both relaxing and uplifting effects. It usually has a fairly high THC content, regularly clocking in above 20 percent.

And who could forget the flavor and aroma? OG Kush seamlessly blends the spicy incense-like fragrance of Kush plants with the distinctive scent of dirt that typifies OG strains. Sparking it up is often reminiscent of walking through freshly plowed earth.

OG Kush’s real genetics are shrouded in mystery. Despite its seemingly obvious nod to rap, we don’t even know what “OG” really stands for! Some insist it means “Original Gangster.” Still others point to the term “Ocean Grown” in a reference to coastal California. However, experts generally accept that Chemdawg is involved, and crossed with either a Thai or Hindu Kush plant.

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Best Marijuana Strains


So far, we’ve really only looked at old-school strains in our deep dive into the origins of top marijuana strains. But we’re going to change that and spark up something a little more modern: Do-Si-Do.

If you’re familiar with modern cannabis genetics, you’ve probably heard of Do-Si-Do. It’s a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG. First hitting the scene in 2016, this strain quickly grew in popularity and was named Leafly’s “Strain of the Year” for 2021.

What really makes Do-Si-Do stand out is its high THC concentration. It often reaches a percentage in the high 20% range, sometimes even surpassing 30%. Its flavor hits you in the face, too, and definitely has notes of that classic OG taste we mentioned earlier.

Do-Si-Do is the kind of strain you need to try to believe, and with a strain this high in THC we always recommend the old adage for consumption: start low and go slow. You can browse the Do-Si-Do products we have in stock on our online menu.

The History of Marijuana Strains from Takoma Wellness Center

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our cursory study of some classic marijuana strains. If you’re looking for other legendary genetics, check out our complete menu!

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