Cannabis Tinctures: Benefits, How To Use and More

If you rely on cannabis to help manage chronic symptoms and conditions, you know that one of the challenges with using this medicine is that it can be hard to obtain long-lasting, consistent results. Fortunately, there’s a remedy for that: tinctures.

While cannabis may be the “medicine of the moment” for many people, cannabis tincture actually has a long history as a trusted medicine in this country. Well into the early years of the 20th century, tinctures were a fairly common sight on most pharmacy shelves. Thanks to the welcome shift in attitudes around cannabis medicine, a whole new generation is learning about the benefits of this safe and all-natural medicine.

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What Is Tincture?

There’s no shortage of ways to enjoy cannabis, including through edibles, vapes, and other formats. But one of the oldest—and simplest—is cannabis tincture (sometimes known as THC tincture).

Tinctures are a solution of cannabinoids—the major “active ingredients” in the cannabis plant such as THC or CBD—extracted into high-grade alcohol, food-grade glycerin or MCT, a neutral medium typically derived from coconut oil.

In some regards, tinctures are similar to cannabis edibles (and in fact they can be used to create your own edibles at home by adding a few drops to your favorite food or beverage). But they’re also distinct in that they’re a basic and simple-to-use format of effective cannabis medicine. Here are a few reasons you might consider trying tinctures yourself.


Benefits of Tinctures: Potent, Discreet, and Long-Lasting Cannabis

Why use a cannabis tincture over another format? For many people—especially those interested in leveraging the medical benefits of cannabis—tinctures present several advantages.

For one thing, when you use a THC tincture, you’re not introducing any potentially irritating smoke or vapor into your lungs. What’s more, tinctures are easy to dose, shelf-stable, and discreet. And when we’re seeking specific medical effects—like alleviating chronic pain or addressing stress and anxiety—being able to take a consistent and repeatable dose is a major advantage.

Cannabis Tinctures

Tinctures are also a great option to take on the go. Because they’re packaged in small and generic-looking bottles, taking cannabis medicine doesn’t attract undue attention. Depending on your dosage, a small bottle should contain enough medicine to last you weeks or even months. Stored safely away from heat and light, the medicine in THC tincture should stay potent and fresh for at least a year.

How to Use Tincture

When swallowed and processed by the digestive system, cannabis tinctures can take a while to take effect—sometimes up to two hours for full effects. On the other hand, their effects last quite a bit longer than with other forms of cannabis like joints or vapes. In some cases, up to eight hours or even more.

If you’re looking for faster-acting effects, try putting the dose of cannabis tincture under your tongue for thirty to sixty seconds. This allows your bloodstream to directly absorb the cannabinoids, allowing the tincture to take effect relatively quickly (typically within forty-five minutes or less).

What’s the right dosage of cannabis tincture? The amount may vary depending on your weight, your metabolism, and the severity of your symptoms, among other factors. We suggest you begin with a small amount, starting with a quarter of an eyedropper (or even less) for three days. Based on how your symptoms respond, you may want to gradually increase the dosage, keep it where it’s at, or even reduce it to the minimum effective amount.

Regardless of dose, be sure to give the tincture time to produce effects before taking more. When swallowing, wait at least two hours before taking a second dose. And to maximize the effects, wait at least 15 minutes before eating or drinking anything. When taken under the tongue, wait at least 45 minutes before taking more.

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