Please join the Takoma Wellness Center family in hosting Lisa Leyden on March 13, at 5:30 pm.  Lisa's son, Jackson, was the first minor in DC’s medical marijuana program and the inspiration for Jackson's Courage.  You can see some of the Leyden family's story and the Takoma Wellness Center history in Nexflix documentary series The Naked Truth, Episode 5: District of Cannabis.

This event is free to the public (18+).  Caregivers may bring minors with DCMMP ID.  Wheelchair accessible.  

Takoma Wellness Center staff will help patients enroll in DC’s medical marijuana program.  Please use street parking or public transportation.  The parking lot is reserved for patient use.

Attendees receive 10% discount on a select strain!  Cannot be combined with other discounts.

Finally, remember to "spring forward" this weekend!  Daylight Savings time begins at on March 11, at 2 am.  

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Jackson's Courage
Tuesday, March 13th, 2018
Takoma Wellness Center

6925 Blair Road NW, Washington DC 20012 ~ 202.465.4260
(use metro and street parking)

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