November 7, 5:30-6:30pm
Cooking with Cannabis

Darrell Green & Jaime Rios will lead a discussion on using cannabis in the kitchen, including how to use cannabis edibles as medicine to treat your symptoms.

Open to the public (18+) in the Takoma Wellness Center Education Center. Parking is for patients. Please use Metro and street parking.

Attendees receive 10% discount
on the select strain.
Cannot be combined with other offers.

November 9, 11:00 am
DC Council Hearing

 Please join Rabbi Kahn at this important hearing on the “Medical Marijuana Improvement Amendment Act of 2017.” This bill would allow patients to:
  • join the medical marijuana program, and gain access to Takoma Wellness Center, without seeing a doctor;
  • order medicine online or by phone for Takoma Wellness Center to deliver to you; and
  • use medicine at Takoma Wellness Center and up to 15 other specially licensed facilities throughout the District.

You can also comment by mail or e-mail:

  • Council of the District of Columbia, 1350 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Suite 113, Washington D.C. 20004

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