I started at Metropolitan Wellness when I applied for my card before I knew how more expensive it was, and I quickly switched to Capital Care. It was much better there, but I was curious about Takoma Wellness though the longer trip put me off. I ended up switching again just to try it (they offered to pay the fee) and now I know I’m going to stay right here. Takoma Wellness gives the best combination of variety, quality and price. There was more ‘availability’ at Metropolitan because nobody wanted to pay the prices, and Capital City was all right but the service was really impersonal sometimes. I wanted to try Takoma Wellness and It’s not much farther up the red line anyway and then the dispensary is right by the Metro station. I wondered why Takoma was so popular even though they’re out of the city but once you go and talk to them it’s pretty obvious. Everybody is really nice and the selection/price is so good they have trouble keeping everything in stock. Sometimes they’re sold out of something by the time I get there which is the only drawback but I see a lot of people here considering they’re practically in Maryland. They have some of the stuff I used to buy at Metropolitan but for a couple bucks cheaper (and Capital City strains are usually about equal though I noticed some of strains are cheaper here). I hope DC lets people use different dispensaries soon but until then I’m prolly gonna stay with Takoma Wellness even if it does add like twenty minutes to my trip. Generally I would rate them 1 Takoma 2 Capital [a big gap here] 3 Metroplitan.


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