I wanted to respond to a recent poster’s comments. He criticized how expensive it is, and yes it is very pricey but I have found in almost all cases it is the best quality around, better than Colorado stuff, its just a burgeoning small program that isn’t well run by its staff (seriously try talking to the head of it Patricia D’Antonio and good luck getting her to give you the time of day) and the growers are actually really annoying as someone who often talks with the dispensary workers and the DC DOH and is an acquaintance with the owner of Capital City Care I have a pretty good sense of the hurdles our medical program has faced, and it honestly just needs time to mature as an institution since, well, if you’ve ever dealt with D.C. bureaucracy its like something out of a dystopian novel. Really, if you have an issue email the growers, they have an email, but we have had NO LUCK AND WEVE TRIED to get in touch with them and they apparently have had a LOT of trouble growing strains that meet the super strict standards of DC Department of health. Share your concerns with DC DOH and with the staff at Takoma Wellness Center before you trash them on here without knowing the facts. I can tell you they are not making out financially like bandits with this (yet) and are definitely in it for the right reasons. We are working hard, as patients, to make sure we get the medicine we need and undermining the dispensaries we rely on won’t help in my opinion when they aren’t the issue.


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