Best Dispensary in Town

I just got my card renewed for Takoma Wellness center so it’s long overdue I review this place. When I first started coming here the scene in DC was tricky because there were 3 dispensaries, 3 growers and not enough of anything. Seriously, you’d make the drive to any of the 3 dispensaries to find out you could buy a gram. It was tough times to get good medicine a year ago. Oh how things have changed. I started going here based on a friends recommendation. I have chronic pain and anxiety. 

When I first started you knew everyone at the center really cared. It’s a small family run business that is extremely professional, helpful and outgoing. They were so accommodating, super knowledgeable, well run and trustworthy with great customer service. I’m not sure too many places can say that. Since the laws have changed, there’s more growers and supplies are way better and they are still heads above all other shops in town. The varieties are plentiful, the prices have finally come down and service is still the best in the business by far. I have friends using the other centers in town and they always say they are switching to mine when I tell them or show them the strains and prices. It’s still a pain in the ass in DC to switch pharmacies so you want to get it right the first time. You can’t go wrong here. Try it for yourself and I know you will be happy. This staff is amazing and the product and knowledge is top notch. Kudos Takoma Wellness Center and thank you for being a model for well run centers. If you’re another center and wondering what to model your business after this is the gold standard.


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