This is the Best dispensary in DC hands down. Let us remember that the Dispensary is not where flowers are cultivated, the flowers are grown at a completely separate facility and the delivered to dispensary for sale. TWC does not grow or cultivate. When the people who grow the flowers don’t produce enough product then the dispensaries are not to blame for this lack of medicine. If you are angry with the dispensary then you are miss directing that frustration, be angry at the growers. So if you are going to write a negative review at least have knowledge of how things operate. The prices are taxed heavily by DC if you were to compare you’d find the prices here the best not to mention the amount of care and time the employees provide to each patient. It’s obvious these people who don’t make much are trying to better the lives of people who need this medicine. Get your facts straight people. Don’t be hating because you can’t get what you want when you want it. Smh.


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