Medical Marijuana is now available for ANY CONDITION to Washington DC residents.
The decision to use medical marijuana is between a patient and physician, like any other medication.

Obtain Physician's Recommendation

Your first step is to make an appointment with a doctor who is comfortable recommending marijuana as medicine. Make your appointment today, so you can get the ball rolling. Please contact Takoma Wellness Center (TWC) so we can help you through the entire process!

Before your Doctor's Appointment

Stop by Takoma Wellness Center to complete the Department of Health registration process. It will take 15 minutes or less.

Bring two documents that show your current DC address: 

  • driver’s license
  • motor vehicle registration
  • voters registration
  • utility bill (not phone)
  • paystub that shows your address and DC withholdings
  • mail from the DC government
  • and/or a lease or a deed with your name and DC address

You will complete a simple one page application, and we will take and prepare a passport sized photo for you.

Final Step

Finally, email or call us once you have the doctor’s recommendation. Request a copy of the electronic recommendation receipt from your doctor (for your records).