Micro Dosing

Micro-dosing is taking small amounts of cannabis to obtain the benefits of THC while avoiding the intoxicating effects that can interfere with daily life.  In a 2012 study, out of groups of people who used high-, medium-, and low-doses of cannabis, those patients who received the lowest dosage of cannabinoids showed the greatest reduction in pain.  Using tinctures, oils, or flower may be the most accurate and easiest way to micro-dose. Smoking one puff, however, and then waiting a few minutes to feel the effects is another method to try.  After that first puff-and-pause, you can take another, if necessary to reach the desired effect. If you use cannabis regularly, you may a 48-hour break from it to reset your endocannabinoid system and reap the full benefit of micro-dosing.  After the break, reintroduce cannabis back into your system starting with dosing as small as a milligram and add small doses from there. Remember to track your sessions with Relief – and let your Patient Consultant know how it works for you!

You can find more about micro-dosing at Leafly and Healer.

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