Jackson’s Courage CBD Oil

The story of our first minor, who’s family was instrumental in bringing CBD oil to market here in the District. We asked them to name our oil: Jackson’s Courage CBD Oil.

More on Jackson’s Courage CBD Oil

Jackson Philip Leyden was born on March 4, 2003, at Georgetown University Hospital. His birth was normal and he developed quickly, taking his first steps at 10 months. Jackson has always been an almost preternaturally thoughtful and kind boy and received the Bernard T. Janney Award in 2nd grade for being respectful and considerate of others. He enjoys outdoor activities, playing with his younger brother Declan, and reading.

In the spring of 2011, when he turned eight years old he had his first visible seizure and was evaluated at Georgetown University Hospital, but received no definitive diagnosis. Since then, he has been evaluated at the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, the NYU Langone’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, and is currently a patient at the Children’s National Medical Center Comprehensive Pediatric Epilepsy Program—the only diagnosis to date has been “Jackson’s Disease.”

Jackson has endured more than 50 nights in the hospital, several traumatic falls, scores of missed school days, and has tried and failed 13 antiepileptic medications—all with very difficult side effects. He also received multiple rounds of methylprednisolone and IVIG infusions. 

One of our most heart wrenching experiences was when, after multiple generalized tonic clonic seizures in the hospital, he asked us to put his stuffed lion in his suitcase so it would be safe and then he asked us if he was going to die.

Jackson is now in sixth grade and has been on cannabis therapy for over 10 months. He has made huge strides in cognition and social-emotional skills. He even made the honor roll this year! Jackson has experienced a significant reduction in his seizures. Now, he will even go weeks with no seizures. Currently, when we see any seizures, they tend to be brief and at night.

Despite many ups and downs, he is currently on only one antiepileptic medication (1/2 the original dose), in addition to Cannabis, and we hope to begin weaning off of that soon. Jackson is the first minor in the DC medical cannabis program and even got to name the strain that has been working for him – Jackson’s Courage. Thank you to our cultivator, Holistic Remedies, and our dispensary Takoma Wellness. 

We are more hopeful for Jackson’s future as a result of being able to give him this medicine and are convinced of its potential efficacy. We hope that all parents will soon be able to access Cannabis in order to determine if it can help easy their children’s suffering and give them a chance for a brighter future…like Jackson. 

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