Pre-rolls are marijuana cigarettes, or “joints”, made in house from 0.5 gram - 1 gram of flower and rolled using unbleached natural paper.


Tinctures are cannabis infusions made with oil, alcohol or glycerin. They are mostly used sublingually, though it is possible to add them to food or drinks. Using them to infuse food will alter their effects. Sublingual use results in cannabinoids being absorbed into the bloodstream via the sublingual artery.


Hybrid plants are a combination of Sativa and Indica plant types, resulting in effects to the mind and body. Since they contain both Sativa and Indica properties, they offer a more balanced experience. Some Hybrids contain more Indica properties while others will contain more Sativa properties, making some more relaxing and others more energetic.


Indica plants result in more physical effects, relaxing the muscles and sedating the body. They are generally best for nighttime use.


Sativa plants generally result in energetic effects, stimulating the mind and emotions. They are generally best for daytime use.

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