At Takoma Wellness Center, we provide qualified, registered patients with a friendly, safe, and professional environment to legally obtain DC’s finest strains of medical marijuana.

We tailor our recommendations to suit each patient’s specific needs, including best methods of ingestion and the blending of different strains of medical marijuana deemed most appropriate to relieve specific symptoms, all according to evidence-based best practices.

We stress the importance of continual reassessment, monitoring and evaluating progress as needed.  We encourage patients to report to their recommending physician on a regular basis. Using recognized performance improvement methods, all patient services will be consistently evaluated and improved to ensure overall patient safety and satisfaction.



Stephanie Reifkind Kahn, BSN, CPHQ, has a 25-year history of executive level leadership in quality and regulatory compliance in large hospital systems, community hospitals, mental health centers, and chemical dependency treatment centers. Stephanie has been working closely with the D.C. Department of Health since 2009.  Her knowledge of patient care and administrative systems as well as regulatory compliance in a variety of health care organizations will ensure that TWC is on the cutting edge of patient centered care that respond to patient feedback in a timely and professional manner.

Rabbi Jeffrey A. Kahn, M.A.H.L., D.D., has three decades of experience serving as the spiritual leader of four synagogues – in Adelaide Australia, Rockford Illinois, Miami Florida, and Central New Jersey. Ordained a Rabbi on June 5, 1981 – the day the CDC reported the first AIDS patient – he devoted his career to ministering to families and individuals struggling with the devastating effects of serious illnesses. Rabbi Kahn has been fully engaged in the development of Takoma Wellness Center since 2010 and now works full-time at the center.

Paula Querido Kahn, OTR/L,an occupational therapist and Reiki practitioner, brings fourteen years of experience in direct patient care to Takoma Wellness Center.  Paula is a trained TWC Patient Liaison, and works to match patients with the strains that best treat their particular symptoms.

Jules & Libby Reifkind

Jules Reifkind grew up in our Takoma neighborhood. He attended Whittier Elementary and graduated from Coolidge High. He met his Washington D.C. sweetheart, Libby Kramer here, and after marrying, they lived on Georgia Avenue, then on Jefferson Street. He thought he was living the American Dream. Jules and Libby had two children before Jules was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The Reifkinds went through years of turmoil, as they sought physician after physician, always searching for some relief from the severe spasms caused by MS. Many of his physicians recommended that he try marijuana, something almost impossible for this middle-class businessman to obtain. On the rare occasions he was able to use it, his tremors, stiffness and spasticity relaxed. He experienced great relief. Jules died in 2005.

In 2009, Libby fell ill with cancer. Chemo robbed her of her appetite, and she fought constant nausea. The physicians again recommended marijuana. She couldn’t find it. She died two months after her diagnosis, having lost 45 pounds. Jules and Libby were my parents. Growing up in our home meant repeated visits to hospitals and physicians. I became a nurse, and then a hospital administrator because I wanted to effect change, to improve patients’ lives. The Takoma Wellness Center seeks to provide for others the relief my parents never found. Its creation will honor my parents’ memory and help others who face similar challenges.

Stephanie Reifkind Kahn, President, Takoma Wellness Center