Comedy & Marijuana

I have been performing and writing stand-up comedy for over six years, including in all the major comedy venues in Washington, D.C., New York City, and Los Angeles. Last year I was selected to write for Kevin Hart HartBeat Digital. I attribute much of my comedy success to the benefits of marijuana.  Marijuana has played a vital part in my growth as a comedian. It has allowed me to think critically and analytically when it comes to my style of comedy. When writing comedy marijuana is a key component that helps me focus in on a topic and explain that topic in a way that connects with audiences. Gelato Cake and Mimosa – with their high THC percentages – are two strains that I’ve noticed helped me tremendously with my comedic writing.

Marijuana also eliminates anxiety for me whenever I am about to perform stand-up comedy.  Even off of the stage, marijuana is great for allowing me to network, especially with other comedians. Many comedians have social anxiety.  Marijuana helps control that anxiety and potentially helps with building relationships between comedians. Gorilla Glue #1 is a strain that I’ve heard multiple comedians talk about.  It’s a networking tool because of the name, as well as its effects on comedians.

The only downside of marijuana would be the cotton mouth on stage, which hinders my message from clearly coming across.  Being too high to perform is another problem with comedy. For any patient, making sure that the marijuana is right for you is essential.  For performers, I recommend learning about the strain and its drawbacks before ever performing. If you are new to smoking (or new to comedy), I do not recommend performing while high or performing while smoking as it can negatively affect the jokes you’re presenting to the audience.

Overall, finding a strain that allows you to remain focused, like Gelato Cake and Mimosa, is great for performing at your highest level.

– Jacques

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