Medical Marijuana is now available for ANY CONDITION to Washington DC residents.
The decision to use medical marijuana is between a patient and physician, like any other medication.

Step 1: Do you live in D.C.?

In order to get your medical marijuana card, you'll need to prove that you have current residency in the District. This is because medical marijuana is legal in Washington D.C., but not in surrounding areas. 

Two documents that show your current DC address: 

  • driver’s license
  • motor vehicle registration
  • voters registration
  • utility bill (not phone)
  • paystub that shows your address and DC withholdings
  • mail from the DC government
  • and/or a lease or a deed with your name and DC address
Step 2: Getting a Doctor’s Recommendation

Your next step is to make an appointment with a doctor who is comfortable recommending marijuana as medicine. Make your appointment today, so you can get the ball rolling! If your doctor hasn't issued a medical marijuana recommendation before, he/she can sign up for the program by clicking here. (If your doctor will not write a recommendation, or you don’t feel comfortable asking your doctor, contact Takoma Wellness Center and we will give you a list of doctors who have written recommendations in the past and are willing to see new patients). 

Step 3: Completing Your Patient Application

Takoma Wellness Center offers a free Concierge Service to assist you in obtaining your medical marijuana card.  Drop in anytime during our hours of operation, bring your two proofs of DC residency and the Department of Health application fee ($100 or $25 in cash depending upon your level of income) and we will assist you with the application, copy your documents, take the two required pictures, obtain the required money order, and hand-deliver your completed application to the Department of Health.

You may choose to submit either paper or online form. You'll also want to review the application instructions. Please take your time to make sure everything is filled out properly and double check before submitting it, otherwise it could delay the process.

Step 4: Receiving Your Card

Once your application is approved, the Department of Health will mail your medical marijuana card to your home address. You will receive store credit equal to the amount of the Department of Health fees you paid. Please bring your new card with a government issued ID to visit the dispensary and gain access to medication.

STEP 5: Renewing you card each year

In order to renew your card you must

  • Obtain another recommendation from a healthcare provider
  • Bring the same documents proving your DC residency (please list the same documents as in Step 1) your low-income status (if appropriate), and the Department of Health fee of either $100 or $25 (depending upon your income status) to Takoma Wellness Center anytime during our hours of operation
  • We will copy your documents, obtain the required money order and ensure that your application is delivered to the Department of Health.


Whether you are applying for the first time or renewing your card, Takoma Wellness Center will give you credit for the Department of Health fee upon your first first purchase.  

No appointment is needed….drop in whenever we are open!